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At X-2010 in Someren, Netherlands, we took the opportunity and asked the attendands of the party to bring along their obscure and undumped cartridges. We dumped all of them and while some were "known" cartridge dumps there quite a few new and interesting ROMs found. At X-2012 we only dumped one cartridge as we didn't really ask for new stuff this time, but it had a nice challenge included at least. (Thanks to Wilfred Bos and Berry de Jager for RadarBasic.)

So the following page shall list all kind of cartridge and ROM dumps which were dumped at an X-party OR don't fit somewhere else, but contribute to the wiki as we feel it. We have to draw a line somewhere and things that don't quite fit will likely not show up here. On the other hand we'll try to bundle some things which belong together either due to their company origin or due to their purpose.

Thanks to all the people who brought their stuff and had us partially let rip apart their 30 year old shiny cartridges so we had access to the internals. All should properly be credited below and additional thanks to Hedning, Ignorance, Nucleus and Bugjam for dumps missing on other packages of the wiki.

In The Works

  • Robcom cartridges
  • KCS Cartridges
  • Assembler-Monitor Carts (yieks)
  • Cartridges with copiers and backup programs (ouch)
  • Other obscure utility, speeder and weird things

The X-Files

Black Box (V2 - V9)

Name Black BoxBlack Box Screenshots
Company/Author Rombit, Atrax (and other companies?)
Year ?
ROM V2 - 8kb

V3 - 8kb
V4 - 16kb

V8 - 32kb
Type Basic Extension, Monitor, Tape Fast Loader
CRT ID 0 and 3
Note This cartridge series is quite unknown outside of Poland but seems quite spread within. Naturally most on screen texts and the manuals are polish giving us a hard time to explore it much further. Appears to be a usable cartridge when being capable of the language. A modified V8 of the cart works as Final Cartridge III in VICE while V4 doen't even need modification, but care needs to be taken when using it on real FC3 hardware as the upper and lower eprom banks need to be swapped for it to work. contains much more info and also lists quite some missing ROMs.
Supplied by V3 at CSDb, V8 at CSDb, V3.2 by Bugjam
Packaged: Black Box v3, v4, v8 and v9 .bin and .crt files

Manuals for v4 and v8
Schematics for v3 (ahem - find us v4+! :) )

Some cartridge photos
File Black_Box_all_rr.c64.org_2021-12.rar
External Links Stuff at (polish language)

Business Basic / S'more Basic

Name Business Basic / S'more BasicBusiness Basic / S'more Basic Screenshots
Company/Author Kingsoft / Cardco
Year 1985
ROM 24 kbyte
Type Basic Extension, DOS Wedge, Tape Fast Loader
Note This 24k Cartridge extends the usable BASIC V2 space to 60k and adds quite a few commands. The cartridge was originally created and sold by Kingsoft in Europe and by Cardco in the USA. The manual mentions an S'more Basic Compiler which we are unforturately missing :( The packaging was interesting though :)

Packaged: Business Basic and S'more Basic .bin and .crt files

Business Basic Instruction Manual german.pdf
S'more Basic Instruction Manual english.pdf
Business Basic Schematics.pdf

Top and bottom cartridge photos
File Business_S'more_Basic_all_rr.c64.org_2022-03.rar
Wanted S'more Basic Compiler

Courbois Disk-Turbo

Name Courbois Disk-TurboCourbois Disk-Turbo Screenshot
Company/Author Courbois Software
Year July 1984
ROM 8 kbyte
Type Basic Extension, DOS Wedge, Tape Fast Loader
Note This 8 kbyte cartridge copies a fast loader to RAM and that's it. Will only load up to $CC00. Added here for archival and historical reasons.

Packaged: Courbois Disk-Turbo .bin and .crt
Top and bottom cartridge photos
File Courbois_Disk-Turbo_all_rr.c64.org_2012-12.rar

Packer & Cruncher (Eprom Cart based)

Name Packer & Cruncher (Eprom Cart based)Packer & Cruncher
Company/Author Several - Datel, 64'er, Happy Computer, Scene
Year 1986 - 1990
ROM 8 kbyte
Type Packer / Cruncher
Note These 8 kbyte cartridges all have just one purpose: packing, crunching and compressing programs. They are all supposed to be used for packing stand alone binaries and cannot be used for e.g. level packing. To pack programs exceeding $8000 in memory all of these packers will have to be burned to an eprom and used with an eprom cartridge to become useable on real hardware. Of course the package includes .crt files for emulator usage.

Thanks to Ian Cook for the Ultra Compander surprise.
Packaged: Happy Packer, 64'er Packer, Kompressmaster by Peter Arndt (with german manual)

Third Wave Bitimploder 2.0 and 3.7
Cardcruncher 4.0 and 6.0
Low-Cruncher 1.0 (with german manual)

Datel Ultra-Compander
File Packer_Cruncher_all_rr.c64.org_2013-05.rar

Radarsoft 50K Basic

Name Radarsoft 50K Basic v2.0Radarsoft 50K Basic v2.0 Screenshot
Company/Author Radarsoft
Year 1985
ROM 4 kbyte
Type Basic Extension, DOS Wedge, Tape Fast Loader
Note This 4k Cartridge extends the usable BASIC V2 space to 50k and adds some (currently undocumented) commands. The original cartridge contains circuitry which disables the hardware after about one second until the next reset. This basically means that no code is executed later on from the cartridge and no special CRT ID is required to run it in VICE. There is no need to especially emulate its hardware as the included software disables the cart by memory address $01.

Supplied by Wilfred Bos and Berry de Jager
Packaged: v2.0 .bin and .crt
Top and bottom cartridge photos
File Radarsoft_50K_Basic_binaries_rr.c64.org_2012-12.rar
Wanted v1.0 cartridge dump

Turbo-Macks System 64

Name Turbo-Macks System 64Turbo-Macks System 64 Screenshot
Company/Author GSC (Gerald)
Year 1986
ROM 8 kbyte
Type Basic Extension, DOS Wedge, Tape Fast Loader
Note This 8k Cartridge comes with a monitor, turbo tape and some copy/hold-a-key routines for reset to preserve memory. The poor mans' freezer in early times. :)

Supplied by peiselulli / tRSi
Packaged: .prg, .bin, .crt, EasyFlash .crt and a Readme containing docs
File Turbo-Macks_System_64_all_rr.c64.org_2021-02.rar