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Here are a few starting points for other cartridge related sites. Please pay attention to the extra section at Category:Related Homebrew for more.


Sites which host cartridge images, tools, specs
Minstrel's Commodore page - Excellent resource for cartridge and original preservation!
Lemon64 Cart Section.
The only cart related page left by the Non-Stop-Cracker
used to host a few interesting things. Check it out today and see what happened - CIA was standing for C-64 Internet Archive here.


Software tools for assembling, re-assembling, cross-transfer, emulation, etc.
VICE Emulator.
The assembler used for a large deal of projects here.
Maintained by Baccy of The Dreams
Widespread cross assembler for 6502/65816 code.
Replay related hardware
Easy Flash3


Commodore knowledge bases we would die without
maintained by The Dreams.
Excellent wiki containing all sorts of C64 information.
Commodore Computer Manuals EVERYWHERE!
Freezing code since 1998.
The name says it all.

C64 General

By sceners - for sceners.
Let graphicians stun you...
Incredible results on crunching 6502 binaries.
Turbo Assembler Macro by Style.
Hosting interesting info on about any Commodore Hardware around
Excellent resource for CBM readware.
When dreams come true...
Pay them a visit. They host much information hardly found elsewhere.

True Warriors

The oldest coop in business.
Again: Hitmen.
Fear no nightmares!