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Covering all of the Commodore 64 related expansions based on the Replay Series - and a little more.

This is more like a "DokuWiki" and we regret having started using MediaWiki every day a little more. However, since trying to cover as much information and material as we can get, it might turn out to be an ok decision after all.

This documentation site is for

  • Action Replay and it's clones including Retro Replay and 1541 Ultimate
  • freeze cartridges such as Final Cartridge, Super Snapshot and even KCS Power Cartridge
  • related hardware such as REU, Kernel Extensions/ROMs, Ethernet Interfaces, RS-232 Serial Interfaces and even parallel cables for cbm drives
  • all kind of image material, manuals, hints and trivia which might be of interest in the field
  • reverse engineering and history tracking of C64/C128 multi function cartridges
  • cracking, programming, debugging and other usages of expansion cartridges
  • POKE cheats for C64 games
  • and of course all of the related software

Any interesting information from the internet, extracted from old adverts and articles or even from any ROM code will be added as well.

PLEASE NOTE - author and source information is maintained on the respective media page for any 3rd party material whenever available. Changes and notes on documentations, images and even ROM binary changes are documented throughout the wiki.

Please contribute, rant and complain to ReplayResources.