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Easyflash Logo
Technical Info
ROM 1MB flash (EF3: 8 * 1MB)
RAM 256 Bytes (EF3: 32kb)
Hardware features
  • activity LED
  • Reset Button
  • Freezer
  • External Kernal
  • USB link to PC
  • Menu und Freeze Buttons
  • Manual See Easyflash website
    CRT ID 32
    Programming See Easyflash website

    EasyFlash is a cartridge for the C64 expansion port. In contrast to traditional cartridges, this one can be programmed directly from the C64.

    You can easily create various classic computer game cartridges or program collections with it. All what you need to do this is a C64, an EasyFlash, the software available here and an image of the cartridge (*.crt).

    The hardware design and all software packages are licensed under Open Source licenses. This means you can do nearly anything with it.

    the following was mostly taken from the Easyflash website:


    Easyflash board V1.5.0 Rev.A
    Easyflash 2
    Easyflash 2
    the mystical Easyflash 2 board
    Easyflash 3
    Easyflash 3
    Easyflash 3 (short version)
    Easyflash 3
    Easyflash 3
    Easyflash 3 (long version)


    • C64 cartridge emulation (also see CRT_ID):
      • 8 or 16 KByte (EP)ROM cartridges
      • Ocean Type 1
      • Easyflash and EasyFlash xbank.

    Easyflash 3

    as above, with the following additions:

    • provides 7 EasyFlash slots, each of them is a full-featured EasyFlash 1
    • Kernal ROM replacement function (up to eight Kernals saved in the cartridge)
    • USB link for flashing and data transfer

    Hardware Specifications


    • 1MB flash ROM
    • 256 bytes of RAM

    Easyflash 2

    this mystical piece of hardware does not exist in the wild, in favour of what turned into the Easyflash 3

    "It had 2MB Flash, 512k RAM, no USB. Features depending on how the CPLD was programmed, it was used to develop the external Kernal and freezer logic."

    Easyflash 3

    as above, with the following differences:

    • 8MB flash ROM (organized in 8 banks of 1MB)
    • 32kb RAM
    • Freezer logic
    • External Kernal logic
    • mini USB connector