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Action Replay Hardware contains just plain hardware elements. The category was split off the main Action Replay category since nowadays the hardware is often emulated and about any 4.1 or above ROM can be used with 1541 Ultimate, Retro Replay or about any emulator.

Some people were reported to have extended their Action Replay cartridges in the 90s already to support 64kb eprom content and more than 8kb of RAM but there were no plans or ROM dumps using these features found so far.


The ROMs of anything above the Datel 4.1 series including 7.x hacks and 32kb Cyberpunx Replay hacks will work on standard 8kb RAM equipped Replay hardware (including Nordic Power hardware). They will also work on 1541U v1 and v2 and on Retro Replay in Action Replay mode. These devices however do not 100% emulate the original hardware (so far) and therefore some programs will fail. Also CCS (v3.8 tested) has many problems on emulating all states properly. A test program is available.



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