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Freeze Machine V1.0 Manual

text included from Project64

Please check the text for credits!


Welcome to Project 64!

The goal of Project 64 is to preserve Commodore 64 related documents
in electronic text format that might otherwise cease to exist with the
rapid advancement of computer technology and declining interest in 8-
bit computers on the part of the general population.

Extensive efforts were made to preserve the contents of the original
document.  However, certain portions, such as diagrams, program
listings, and indexes may have been either altered or sacrificed due
to the limitations of plain vanilla text.  Diagrams may have been
eliminated where ASCII-art was not feasible.  Program listings may be
missing display codes where substitutions were not possible.  Tables
of contents and indexes may have been changed from page number
references to section number references. Please accept our apologies
for these limitations, alterations, and possible omissions.

Document names are limited to the 8.3 file convention of DOS. The
first characters of the file name are an abbreviation of the original
document name. The version number of the etext follows next. After
that a letter may appear to indicate the particular source of the
document. Finally, the document is given a .TXT extension.

The author(s) of the original document and members of Project 64 make
no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this material
for any purpose.  This etext is provided "as-is".  Please refer to the
warantee of the original document, if any, that may included in this
etext.  No other warantees, express or implied, are made to you as to
the etext or any medium it may be on.  Neither the author(s) nor the
members of Project 64 will assume liability for damages either from
the direct or indirect use of this etext or from the distribution of
or modification to this etext. Therefore if you read this document or
use the information herein you do so at your own risk.


The Project 64 etext of the ~Freeze Machine cartridge instructions~,
transcribed by Robert Crossfield <>, converted to
etext by Sam Dickens <>, formatted by Cris Berneburg

FREEZM10.TXT, November 1997, etext #303#



First of all switch off your Commodore 64/64C/128/128D and insert the
Freeze Machine cartridge into the expansion port on the right hand
side of the computer. Now switch on the power and after a few seconds
the main menu will appear:-

NOTE: All serial device must be disconnected apart from the Disk Drive.


R-Return to Basic
I-Install Lazer Boot
U-Lazer Utilities
F-Fast Format


The first option 'R' returns you to the usual Commodore start up
screen. The computer can now be used as normal (for typing in the
programs etc.) or you can now load in (as normal) The program you wish
to Freeze.

Pressing 'I' will install the 'Lazer' Boot onto the disk. This Boot
will allows 'Lazer' loading without the cartridge being present.  To
make loading the boot program easier and quicker you may Find it best
to put the boot onto the disk before any other programs.  If BOOT is
the first program on the directory, type LOAD"*",8,1 Otherwise type
LOAD"BOOT",8,1.    See the section marked "Using the boot loader" to
see how to load the programs.

Pressing 'U' will select the Lazer or Fastload utilities depending on
which mode you are in. If the screen is red then the Lazer utilities
will appear, otherwise the standard 'Fastloader' utilities will
appear. See the section marked 'Using the Fastl tilities"

Pressing 'D' will display the directory of the disk in the drive. If
you have more than one drive then the directory of device 8 will be
displayed. Press any key to return to the main menu.

Pressing 'F' will format a disk in under 17 seconds!. After pressing
'F' you will be prompted to enter a suitable name for the disk (up to
16 characters)and an ID (2 characters). You should now insert the disk
to be formatted and press return when rea

After formatting the directory will be displayed to show a successful
format. Press any key to return to the main menu.

Pressing Reset button on the cartridge will toggle between Lazer and
Fast load modes. A red screen for Lazer, and a blue screen for
standard fast load.

First  of all you must load in the program you wish to freeze after
returning to Basic using the 'R' option in the main menu. Once loaded
at a convenient point, normally a menu screen, press the left hand
button on the cartridge. The screen will clear after a few seconds a
short period of flashing white streaks followed by a Freeze Machine


S-Subsequent parts
N-Trans. Nova files
G-Game Killed

Pressing 'B' will prompt for afilename. Type in a suitable name (up to
14 characters) and press return. You will now be prompted for an
output device as per section 'Output Device'.

Pressing 'S' will make a disk backup of Novaload multistage programs.
After saving return to Freeze menu to transfer extra parts to disk
using the 'N' option as follows.

Pressing 'N' will transfer extra Novaload files from tape to disk. You
will now be prompted for an output device as per section marked
'Output Device' and then press return when the tape is wound to the
correct position.

Pressing 'G' will enter the game killer menu as follows:-

A-Sprite collision off
B-Background collision off
C-Both off

Select required option. Please not however this may not work in all
cases and in some cases experimentation will be required.

Once selected, depending which mode you are in once of two menus will
appear. In Lazer mode the following will appear:-


F-Fast format
E-Enhancement Disk


Pressing 'L' will display the directory, and will set the computer up
for lazer loading. To load a specific file position the cursor on the
far left of the filename and press either F1 or F3

The program will now load and run automaticlly. Apart from loading,
the 'L' option also offers a suite of commands to aid disk.

@S:filename	-	will scratch a file (not USR files)
@N:label,id		-	will format a disk
@N:label		-	will new the disk
@I			-	will initalise the drive
@V	-	will validate a disk (not USR files)
@R:Newname-Old	-	will rename an existing file
%filename		-	identical to LOAD filename,8,1
/filename		-	identical to LOAD filename,8
'filename		-	identical to LOAD filename,8
and typing run
$ or F7			-	Display directory
F5			-	Same as LOAD"*",8,1

After a directory, position the cursor next to the file required and

F1			-	To load non Freeze framed files
F3			-	To load a Freeze framed file

Pressing 'F' will format a disk in under 17 seconds! After pressing
'F' you will be prompted for a suitable name for the disk. (up to 16
characters) and an Id (2 characters). You should now insert the disk
to be formatted and press Return when ready.

Pressing 'C' will enter the file copier and will prompt you to enter
the SOURCE disk. Once done press return and the directory of the disk
will appear. If the disk is blank the main menu will now re-appear
otherwise you will be prompted to select the you wish to copy. Presing
'Y' will copy the file while pressing 'N' will skip to the next. Once
done, copying the prompt 'INSET DESTINATION DISK' will appear, you
should now remove the source disk, Insert the formatted destination
disk and press return.

Once done the computer will either return to the main menu or prompt
for the source disk. If copying is to continue then swap the disks and
press return. Keep doing this until all the files have been copied.

NOTE: You can onlt copy USR files when in LAZER mode (red screen)

Pressing 'X' allows you to conver existing, slow loading PRG files
into lazer loading USR files. When prompted to insert the source disk
you should insert the disk with the PRG files you wish to convert.
Press return and the directory will appear foll by a prompt to select
files with 'Y' or press 'N' to skip to the next. Once done the
computer will start to load until it has filled the memory. It will
now prompt you to remove the source disk, insert the destination disk.
And press return. After a  s while either the main menu or a prompt to
insert the source disk will appear. If the mnu has appeared then the
operation has successfully completed, otherwise you should swap disks
and press return to continue.

PLEASE NOTE: Only single part programs can be converted using the

Pressing 'E' will return you to the standart start up screen but will
leave Freeze Machine switched on. This is to allows for future
expansion and the loading of the utility disk (not supplied).

When in Fastload (blue screen) mode instructions are as above exceot
there is no convert and the file copier cannot handle USR files.


The only way to load Lazer files without the cartridge being pressent
is by means of the BOOT program. The boot program can be put onto the
disk by using the 'I' option in the main menu (see above). To load
this file just simply type LOAD"BOOT",8,1

Or if the boot is the first on the disk type LOAD"*",8,1. When loaded
the directory will be displayed and to load the program take the
cursor up the required file and press Return. The file will not load
and run automaticlly.


L - Lazer (disk)
F - Fast (disk)
N - Normal(disk)
T  -Tape

It is now advisable to switch the disk drive off and then on again to
reset the disk operating system

Pressing 'L' will save (at Lazer speed) a single part Lazer file onto
a formatted disk.

Pressing 'F' will save (at Fastload speed) a single part file onto a
formatted disk for use with the fastload option.

Pressing 'N' will save (at standard speed) depending on the length of
the program,either a single or two part version of the program. This
format would normally be used with Dolphin Dos etc. Which cannot
handle files larger than 202 blocks.

Pressing 'T' will save a turbo loading version onto tape which will
reload in under 4 minutes.

After output is completed press 'Y' when prompted to return to the
Freeze menu, or press the Reset buttonto the main start-up screen.


On initalization press RUN-STOP to 'unconfigure the memory' This can
be useful as some games check for configured memory.

Don't try to scratch USR files as this is impossible. The only way to
delete them is to format or simply new using @N command when using the

Manufactured under license to Ecesgam Micros
By M.A.S.A. Manufacturing Co.

Unit 7 Hewittson Road, Elizabet West, S.A. 5113
Telephone: (08) 287 0191
Distributors of computer Hardware & Software


End of Project 64 etext Freeze Machine Instructions.