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Turbo ROM II Manual

Please check the text for credits - no edits below this line

Thanks to SX64 Dot Net member hodo, here is info from the Datel instruction 

Replacement Kernal ROM for Commodore 64 

In the normal mode the command and operation structure remains unchanged. 
In the Turbo mode the new instructions are as follows: 
Disk LOAD, SAVE, & VERIFY are all automatically at Turbo speed. In addition the 
function keys are now: 

F1 LIST          F6  SAVE" 
F2 OLD           F7  @$ ( directory ) 
F3 RUN           F8  LOAD, 8, 0 
F4 OFF/ON (LIST) F9  @N* (10 sec format)SEE NOTE BELOW 
F5 LOAD,8,1      F10 GOODBYE

HEX to DECIMAL    PRINT $1000 = 4096 
OCTAL to DECIMAL  PRINT &1000 = 512 

@ Accesses disk drive command channel
@ Command - executes and gets status 
@8 or @9 sets input/output drive 

Verify will double as a program locator because it prints the start and end 
address of the program. 

All operations will work with both drive 8 or 9. 

F4  Turbo Rom II will list basic programs where list protection has been 
implemented. F4 will toggle this feature on/off. 

F10 (CTRL & F7 together) is Goodbye. This will leave the fast disk access intact 
but all the basic improvements are gone. To regain these either reset or type 
SYS 58529.

Turbo Rom II also features an unstoppable reset routine (that’s if you have a 
reset button!!). Press the button and hold shift lock down together. It will 
even by pass any resident cartridges. 

Turbo Rom II will speed up LOAD/SAVE/VERIFY by a factor of up to 6 times 
depending on program type. For instance it will speed up the save when used with 
ACTION REPLAY to about 50 seconds. However it should be noted that many of today’s 
disk games are already fast loaded and Turbo Rom may not be able to speed them 
still further. 

Usually in these cases there will be no clash and things will just happen as 
normal. On odd occasions there may be a memory conflict which will mean that you 
will have to return to the standard kernel. It should be remembered that the 
space for all these extra commands has been made by removing the tape and some 
RS232 routines so these are not available in Turbo mode. If you want to load 
from tape then switch to Turbo to say save to disk with Action Replay, then this 
should be ok....try it. 

Turbo Rom II now features an FCOPY & an FLOAD command. FCOPY will copy 
any file up to 250 blocks. Simply list the directory and move the cursor up to 
the file that you wish copy. Now type FCOPY at the beginning of the line and 
then press return. The file will be loaded and you will be prompted to insert 
another disk to accept the file. 
FLOAD enables the user to load files over 202 blocks. Use as above but this time 
type FLOAD followed by Return.